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Q&A With Mush! Chicago's Favorite Local Supergroup

Mush - the five piece supergroup based in Chicago is back with more music and better than ever. The members of the band consist of the following: Erik croaks, Jinno twinkles, Joe drop D, New guy Logan, and mr. Andy smiles. You may even recognize some of these names from other projects such as Lettering, Dowsing, and Retirement Party. There latest and greatest full length record “Thank You, Were Mush” features a vast array of emo inspired bangers, punching guitars, and Erik’s distinctive vocal melodies. In lieu of Mush’s release, here is a Q&A with Rik himself so you know what to expect for this new summer heater.

What can new mush listeners expect from this record lyrically and musically?

“TYWM goes from silly to serious quickly and frequently. Songs about love and content go to songs about architecture and failure and of course making money. Musically, we love Saves The Day and this is our statement to the early 2000’s Vagrant Gods.”

Is there a story behind the new release or any narrative behind the songs?

“We all are old now (in scene standards). We all play(ed) in a bunch of bands and toured constantly. Now we are adults and get to hang out and think about things less seriously. It’s nice. I feel like that sort of lifestyle is reflected in the songs lyrically. We are a chill band that wants to rock and sing about loving things like T-shirt’s and Spotify royalties.”

Where did you record this banging record?

“We recorded our first release with Seth Engel and for the album we recorded with Matt Frank. Both wildly different experiences! Seth and Matt played together in Lifted Bells and are on totally different vibe wavelengths. Seth likes CBD in is morning coffee and Matt has a husky that constantly stresses him out. We probably stressed him out too 😉 We are happy that we got to work with both and the results!”

Can you describe this new release using your 5 senses?

“Taste - Spicy Thai Food

Sight - Heavenly rays of light

Touch - Cold Damp Basement Feel

Smell - Lots of Spicy Thai farts

Sound - Stay What You Are by Saves The Day”

Was there any major influences that came into play when creating this work?

“Stay What You Are by Saves The Day”

What are mush’s future plans post-release?

“Play some shows, write new songs, make lots of money.”

Is there anything y’all hope people take away from the record?

“That we are having a great time and that we want you to have a good time.”

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to record there own music?

“Do what you want and sacrifice nothing. Be yourself.”

Come see Mush at there release show tonight, August 23rd at the Beat Kitchen! It’s going to be unforgettable!

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